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Merlin: Book 12 - The Book of Magic by T. A. BarronIn this extraordinary guide to The Merlin Saga, T. A. Barron’s award-winning and New York Times bestselling series, readers will discover the mysteries of Merlin’s worlds as never before. The guide includes full-color art, seven maps, and information about the creatures, places, and magic in Merlin’s worlds.

Glowing with beautiful art and surprising details, this is a treasure trove of adventure and delight—as well as a collector’s item for Merlin fans of all ages.

978-0-399-24741-5 | 160 Pages | Ages 10+


Books 1 and 2 from The Merlin Saga are being made into a movie by Disney! Catch up on all the latest news on the Merlin the Movie page.


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“In this encyclopedic companion volume, purportedly Merlin’s journal, Barron brings together a great deal of information and lore drawn from his Merlin series and offers short summaries of “Strange Characters,” “Wondrous Places,” and “Magical Terms,” arranged under the headings of Fincayra, Avalon, Otherworld, and Earth. A time line and an index make the contents accessible.

“Besides the attractive black-and-white maps and small illustrations with the appearance of woodcuts, dramatic full-color illustrations appear at intervals throughout. Primarily of interest to dedicated fans, this will also answer questions for readers with gaps in their memory or knowledge of Barron’s richly imagined Merlin Saga.”

“Guides to long-running series have two important jobs. They should remind fans of all the things they particularly love about the books, and they should whet the appetites of newcomers, thus creating more fans. Barron’s guide to his 12-book saga about Merlin succeeds in both objectives.”
School Library Journal

“The Book of Magic is playful, brimming with secrets and backstories about Barron’s magical worlds, Fincayra and Avalon. The reader cannot help but walk away with a deeper sense of wonder for a different, equally magical world: Earth.”
Earthjustice Magazine


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