Atlantis Rising

Book 1 of the Atlantis Saga

Atlantis Rising by T. A. BarronIn a magical land called Ellegandia, a young boy named Promi scrapes by, stealing pies, cakes and sweets to survive. But little does he know that his country is a pawn in an ages-old war between good and evil, battled both in the spirit realm and in the human world.

Harboring secrets of his own, Promi teams up with a courageous girl named Atlanta and the two vow to save their land — and each other — no matter the cost. But their vow has greater repercussions than they ever could imagine — in fact, it may just bring about the creation of Atlantis, an island cut off from the rest of the world, where magic reigns supreme.

978-0-399-25757-5 (Hardback)
978-0-147-51221-5 (Paperback)
371 Pages | Ages 10+


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“Barron is exceptionally gifted when it comes to crafting origins for those stories we know almost everything, except the very story he tells: how it all got started. This was proven beautifully in the journey of adolescent Merlin through The Lost Years of Merlin series. Now we get the fascinating story of what brought about the mythical island of Atlantis in Atlantis Rising.”
Biblio Fiend

“Barron is a great storyteller, and the pacing, action, and adventure in Atlantis Rising will keep readers glued to the pages. Readers as young as 10 will be captivated, and there are thematic elements, e.g., sacrificing for others, prayer, supreme beings, that may make for great discussion topics with older readers. Above all, Atlantis Rising is creative and supremely entertaining.”
ALAN Review

“Inventive and entertaining.”
Publishers Weekly

“This is Barron’s vision of the birth of Atlantis. …This ably developed fantasy fits comfortably within the young-person-discovering-his-magical talents category. With The Merlin Saga and the Adventures of Kate, Barron established himself as one of the go-to guys for fantasy.”

“When Promi and Atlanta meet, they team up to evade Grukarr and unravel his plans, entangling themselves in an ages-old battle. Their journey chronicles their growing bond … honest, happy ending. Barron fans, as well as urban- and high-fantasy readers, may enjoy this original take on the Atlantis myth.”
Kirkus Review

“A wonderful story about what being a hero really means, about risking oneself for a greater cause, and being willing to sacrifice everything for something more important. This book would be great for more advanced fantasy readers who love lots of details in their stories, lyrical writing, and a strong dose of passion for the natural world.”
— GeoLibrarian

“Fans of the Lost Years of Merlin series will be glad to pick up Atlantis Rising. This book is exactly what we would expect from author T.A. Barron, in that it is rich in detail and mythology, and is equal parts beautiful writing and exciting adventure.

“Most exciting yet is that Barron is once again filling in the gaps of a legend we all have heard of before. Whereas before he told us how Merlin came to be the fabled wizard we all know of, now he is filling in the gaps about Atlantis and how it came to be.”

I couldn’t put any of these books down. I read all of these in two days. They were that good. The worst part of the series was that you got incredibly attached to all of the characters…but you knew what was going to happen in the last book (Guess what? Atlantis sinks!). And that made it hard to read on…but you couldn’t stop. I tried and I failed.

“T. A. Barron has written another epic tale… This book was a total page turner. There was never a dull moment, and there were plenty of surprises hidden around the corners. I was frantically flipping through the pages, anxious to see what would happen next and frequently surprised by what did occur. The characters were what really made the book great, though. Though they started out as perhaps less than admirable, I was pleased with the changes of heart that the characters went through while they journeyed together. It was, overall, one of the best stories that I have read yet.”

“Barron has long been fascinated by Atlantis, and now he has written a series about it… Atlantis Rising is inventive and engaging, with memorable characters and a richly painted world. Readers will be eager for the sequel!”
Library Media Connection

“A mysterious prophecy, magical creatures, and visits to the spirit realm add complexity to the ongoing action…Fans of Barron’s many books about Merlin will find much to enjoy here, as will those who loved of Rick Riordan’s “Percy Jackson” books.”
School Library Journal

“Hold onto your pants, gather your quiggleypottle, and take the first step on this unexpected journey that tiptoes into a sparkling, trembling, quivering world of newfound mythological creatures and explodes beyond any known limit and boundary through the powerful imagination of T.A.Barron.

“This story takes us to a place no other children’s book has dared to visit before…The greatest mysteries of where we come from and the essence of what it means to be human beings along with the responsibilities and the choices we hold in our own hands, are delivered with a poetic magnificence. Michelangelo had his marble and T.A. Barron has his words. Both make masterpieces that convey more than the simple human form or story.”

“It would be an understatement to say that the opening two chapters of T. A. Barron’s Atlantis Rising captured my attention. Less than two pages into the first chapter, the narrative hook grabbed hold, as the protagonist, throwing-knife in hand, eyes set on his target, takes aim. The scene built into an action sequence from which it was impossible to look away.

“Several times I lost myself in Barron’s Ellegandian world, occasionally pausing to reread sections with childlike enthusiasm and wonder…there are vivid descriptive passages in this novel that will transport you to another world, maybe even to another realm of existence.”

“I can’t say enough good things without spoiling the essence of the book…a fast-paced page-turner. This is a perfect read for anyone who enjoys magic, fairies, tales of prophecy, moments of daring and swashbuckling adventure, sweet food and journal entries, nature, or the Atlantis mystery/mythology. This was a great read and I can enthusiastically recommend this one to just about everyone that I know and will do so in the future. Final Verdict: You should read this book! You won’t regret it.”
— Author David Wiley

“The best-selling author of the Merlin series is brilliant at bringing us into a magical realm. Of course readers know Promi must survive and somehow Atlantis – that magical land under the sea – must be formed. Armed with that knowledge, it’s still an extremely satisfying race to the end. So satisfying that I would wait in line for the next.”
— Jacqueline Cutler, Sunday Star-Ledger, Newark

“With his trademark action, adventure, and poignancy, master of fantasy, T.A. Barron explores a new mythology—the origin of the legendary isle of Atlantis. This book is perfect for fans of Rick Riordan, Brandon Mull, Christopher Paolini and, of course, T. A. Barron’s Merlin Saga.”

“Atlantis Rising by T.A. Barron, the first book in an exciting new trilogy about the origin of the legendary isle of Atlantis that Publishers Weekly calls ‘inventive and entertaining,’… inspires readers to examine real-life issues of bravery, honesty, loyalty, and conservation—themes T.A. Barron consistently explores in his work.”
— Larkin’s Book Bloggers

“Atlantis Rising is an immersive fantasy that takes place in a varied and magical land…unlike any place in the known world, or rather all parts somewhat similar to many places in the world, but jumbled up and dispersed like a handful of flower petals.”

“Not only is Barron a magician with words but he also shows a deep respect for our planet. His love for nature shines through in his descriptions of the forest, the flowers, and the animals.”


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