The Atlantis Saga

After many years of writing about Merlin, I finally moved to a new world – the world of Atlantis – with The Atlantis Saga. Everyone knows about Atlantis, the mythic island destroyed in a single catastrophic day (as Plato first described long ago). But I’ve always wondered … how was this magical place born? How was it created?

This is not just another tale of the destruction of Atlantis. Instead, it is the secret, untold story of the creation of Atlantis. You will discover exactly how Atlantis was created, what people — young heroes, greedy masterminds, and all sorts of bizarre, surprising creatures — fought to make it happen, and how this magical place gained such power from the wonders of nature.

The books of The Atlantis Saga are geared towards middle readers (ages 10+), young adults, and beyond. They are perfect for fans of The Lord of the Rings, Eragon, The Beyonders, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and, of course, The Merlin Saga!



The first book of the saga, Atlantis Rising, reveals the secret untold story of the creation of Atlantis. This book describes how Atlantis was created, what people were central to its birth, and why this magical place had such power and inspiration from the wonders of nature — rather than its final destruction, a story that has been told often and touched many of us deeply.



Book 2, Atlantis in Peril, explores the growing love between Promi and Atlanta — as well as the birth of an advanced civilization on Atlantis, which holds the seeds of its ultimate destruction.

This action-packed, emotionally rich sequel to the highly acclaimed Atlantis Rising is sure to keep readers enthralled as they fly and fight with Promi and Atlanta to save their beloved world.



The epic story of Atlantis comes to a conclusion in the action-packed third novel of the saga, Atlantis Lost. Promi and Atlanta may lose their beloved island forever. Yet some of the magic of Atlantis could still survive – but only with great sacrifices…and even greater miracles.


The Origin of Grukarr (Free eBook)

Many of you have wondered about the origins of Grukarr — the ruthless, brutal, power-hungry priest who tries to destroy Promi and Atlanta (and anyone else he can’t control) in the books of The Atlantis Saga. As the magical isle of Atlantis is finally born, both as a place on the map and a legend in the heart, Grukarr’s life seems to end. Not at all prettily. But not so fast!

There may still be more of his story to come…


Check out the Atlantis Rising book trailer below! This playlist also includes 3 other videos about the characters from Atlantis Rising and Merlin vs Atlantis.


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