The Ancient One & Adventures of Kate

The Adventures of Kate include three books about a brave teenage girl named Kate who travels far and wide in these grand stories. The novels can be read in any order – or all together in The Heartlight Saga combined edition. Just choose your favorite destination and embark upon a fantastic quest!



In The Ancient One, Kate travels to Oregon for a quiet week at Aunt Melanie’s cottage, her plans are dashed by the discovery of a grove of giant redwood trees in nearby Lost Crater. Long a source of deep mystery, the crater is now a source of conflict in the dying mill town. A great disaster is about to strike—and Kate’s only hope is to travel back in time to answer the mystery of a long-lost Native American tribe. But can she make it back before it’s too late?



The combined edition of The Heartlight Saga includes all three of Kate’s grand adventures into one book – with a beautiful cover!

The stories follow Kate as she travels far and wide: back in time to a lost Native American tribe in The Ancient One; down to the very bottom of the sea — “the womb where the waters are born” — in The Merlin Effect; and to a distant galaxy to save the life of her astronomer grandfather in Heartlight.



In The Merlin Effect, Kate triggers an ancient prophecy when she paddles her sea kayak out to help a whale. Deep under the sea, in a sunken ship guarded by whales, lies a powerful magical treasure. And only Kate can choose whether it will be ultimately used for creation … or destruction. Meanwhile, the prophecy says that on a certain day, the sunken ship will rise from the depths and sail again.



They are inseparable. Kate and her astrophysicist grandfather share many experiences, ranging from homemade cookies to science experiments. But when they discover that our world is about to be destroyed, they share a dangerous journey to a distant galaxy. Only Kate can ultimately save her grandfather — and the world they love.

Heartlight is a tale of mystery and adventure that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

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