Rocky Mountain National Park

T. A. Barron's Rocky Mountain National ParkRocky Mountain National Park is the spiritual heart of the southern Rocky Mountains, an alpine domain as lush as it is austere, as friendly as it is intimidating. The grandeur of its mountain peaks, the profusion of flowering plant life, and ubiquity of creeks, cascades, and waterfalls creates a setting unique on our planet.

Despite its three million annual visitors and its proximity to sprawling urban communities, Rocky Mountain National Park remains as natural and wild as any national park in the continental United States. This book offers a unique perspective—a look at the park one hundred years ago and a record of it today, as we approach the twenty-first century. It is about a place that exists not only on the map, but also in the hearts of the American people.

Through the eyes of one of our nation’s foremost photographers, John Fielder, and the words of one of its finest nature writers, T.A. Barron, the majesty of Rocky Mountain National Park is revealed as never before. The historical photographs and writings of Enos Mills, founder of the park, lend rare insight into one of nature’s last great places. Rocky Mountain National Park: A 100 Year Perspective is not just a book, but an enduring experience certain to renew your relationship with places natural and wild.

ISBN: 1-56579-123-1


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“This volume does a great public service… A century from now, Fielder’s images and Barron’s diaries will serve as their own artistic and scientific record of what has been changed or lost in the park.”
— Joseph B. Verrengia, Rocky Mountain News

“A publishing achievement to match the splendor of Rocky Mountain National Park.”
— John G. Welles, Executive Director Emeritus
Denver Museum of Natural History

“This book is an enduring and inspirational reminder of the irreplaceable value of these wild places for modern civilization.”
— Joanne Ditmer, The Denver Post

“A tapestry of words for the wilderness…He is an author whose words create a landscape all their own. His insightful narratives weave together a tapestry of time, place, atmosphere and emotion.

“T.A. Barron, an author who lives in Boulder with his wife, Currie, and two children, is the man behind the commentary in the book Rocky Mountain National Park: A 100-Year Perspective.

“But he is also a noted nonfiction writer, and has received rave reviews for each of the two books he has published to date.

“The action in both Heartlight and The Ancient One revolves around science and mystic quests, but both books contain themes which raise all sorts of bigger questions and issues.

“In this latest book, Barron found himself engrossed in studying the life and work of Enos Mills, a man he openly came to admire and respect.

“‘He never lost his sense of wonder,’ Barron said of Mills. ‘And when it came to the Park, he never forgot it was about land and not himself. His true gift was not a park, but a chance.’

“Barron’s gift is a journey through time and a reminder that we are all connected.”
Call of the Wild

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