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Celebrate Reading!

Celebrate Reading!

May 23, 2016 | Under Books, On Reading | Posted by | No Comments

The magic of books is that they allow you to travel wherever you like in your imagination. You don’t even need a ticket… or a toothbrush! The very best stories spark the imagination, empower us, provide comfort, and help us understand the world around us. And so, in celebration of May being #GetCaughtReading month, I…

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Last month, I kicked off a series of blog tours, taking you through the “For” sections of my website. I hope you enjoyed the “For Readers” tour and found something new and fun on my site! This time, we’ll tour the “For Educators” section, the largest of the “For” sections. I’ve packed it full of…

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Last fall I launched a brand-new website and filled it with resources that I hope will help you find inspiration whether you’re a reader, a writer, or an educator – or all of these! Among my favorite features of the new site are what I call the “For” sections: For Readers, For Writers, For Educators,…

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Questions from Readers About Books and Reading

I get lots of questions from my fans every single day — via email, snail mail, or Facebook post. Or in person — like today, when two people spotted me at a coffee shop in California. The most unexpected example of that came when a whole class of seventh graders from Vermont found me up…

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