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Inspiring Youth To Make A Difference:Announcing The 2014 Barron Prize Winners

Every person, no matter how young, can contribute to making the world a better place. The mass media gives our kids all sorts of negative, demeaning messages — telling them their self-worth comes from what they wear or drink or drive, not who they really are down inside. We need our heroes today more than…

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Encouraging Kids to Become Heroes: Ideas for Parents and Teachers

One of the things that you may already know about me is that I believe that all kids can be heroes; we can do a lot as adults to foster that ethic in young people. For my readers who are parents, I’d love to share some of my ideas on how you can encourage your…

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Last month, I kicked off a series of blog tours, taking you through the “For” sections of my website. I hope you enjoyed the “For Readers” tour and found something new and fun on my site! This time, we’ll tour the “For Educators” section, the largest of the “For” sections. I’ve packed it full of…

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We Need Heroes at Any Age

We Need Heroes at Any Age

January 27, 2014 | Under For Young Heroes | Posted by | 1 Comment

We all need heroes. I truly believe this. That’s why I’ve always placed a young hero, a boy or a girl, at the heart of each of my books. Readers can relate to these characters because often, they’re solving similar mysteries in their own lives: Who am I, really? What’s important to me? How do…

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Announcing Barron Prize Winners for 2013

Nothing is more uplifting than stories about heroic people who have truly made a difference to the world. So I’m thrilled to announce this year’s winners of the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes! The prize honors outstanding leaders between 8 and 18 years old across America who are making a positive difference to other…

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