Online and Print Interviews

Barron Prize encourages youths who ‘make the world better’ | PDF
— David Karas, Christian Science Monitor, September 2015

Sage Advice for Writers from T. A. Barron
– Jaime Lee Wallace, Live to Write, Write to Live Blog, December 2013

An Interview with T. A. Barron, inspired by his upcoming novel, Atlantis Rising, April 2013

EMA Interviews Author and Conservationist T.A. Barron
View on EMA Website | PDF
– EMA Earth Month Special Newsletter, April 2016

Why Merlin?
Penguin’s Young Reader Group Blog, August 2011

Saving the Environment is Saving Ourselves
Earthjustice Magazine, August 2011

Authors carry kids to amazing worlds
Houston Chronicle, October 2010

4 Tips to Discover Your Child’s Inner Hero (Condensed)
— Jamie Lee,

4 Tips to Discover Your Child’s Inner Hero (Full-Length)
— Jamie Lee,

Merlin’s Dragon Interview
Sparkling Reviews

The Importance of Heroes
Penguin Youth Voices Interview

Kids’ Questions for T.A. Barron

Interview with T. A. Barron
– Sandra Bornstein’s Blog for Writers and Readers

An Interview with T. A. Barron
— Elizabeth Varadan

It’s Only Natural: An Interview with T.A. Barron
— Linda Castellito, Book Page

Interview with T.A. Barron (2006)
— Ingrid Seitz, The ALAN Review

Interview with T.A. Barron (2001)
— Sissy Carroll, The ALAN Review

T.A. Barron At Home
— Lori Polydoros, Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators

Teaching the Difference Between Celebrities and Heroes
Chicago Parent

Voyage of Discovery: An Interview with T.A. Barron
— Kylene Beers, Ed.D.

Talking with T.A. Barron
— Molly E. Bercow, Family Life

T.A. Barron Finds Merlin’s Lost Years
— Therese Littleton,

Environmental Themes in T.A. Barron’s Books
— Steve Curwood, National Public Radio

Interview with T. A. Barron
— Sally Estes, Booklist

The Creation of Young Heroes: An Interview with Author T. A. Barron
— Lauren Brooke Horn, Ooligan Press

Interview with T. A. Barron


Video Interviews

This playlist includes eight interviews with T. A. Barron.


Nature Writing – Doorway to Wonder
T. A. Barrron’s speech at Oxford University from October, 2013


This is a series of 17 video interviews created by YA Central.


Speech by T.A.B. at the International Conference on Creativity, Thinking & Education from May 2014


Audio Interviews

Why Nature? Why Merlin? Interview
Random House/Listening Library
Interview Transcript

NPR Living On Earth Interview
— Steve Curwood, National Public Radio
Interview Transcript

Radio interview on completing The Merlin Saga
– Dr. Howard Margolin, Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction

Creativity and Kids
— Bobbi Connor, The Parent’s Journal

Colorado Public Radio Interview
— Bob Lafley, Colorado Public Radio


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