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Creativity and Kids
— Bobbi Connor, The Parent’s Journal


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On T. A. Barron’s Books

Taking Time for Wisdom: The Books of T. A. Barron
– Patricia Lee Gauch, ALA Book Links

Authors Carry Kids to Amazing Worlds:Barron and DiTerlizzi use their imaginations to entertain young readers
– Lana Berkowitz, Houston Chronicle

Merlin Magic
– Collette Caprara, The Free Lance-Star

Merlin’s Message
– T. A. Barron, Parents Magazine

The Remarkable Metaphor of Merlin
– T. A. Barron, Book Links

On Creativity

Creativity, Kids and One-Eyed Ogres: How to Raise Creative Children
– T. A. Barron, ParentGuide Magazine

Family Activity to Spark Creativity
– T. A. Barron, Imagination Soup Blog

On Heroes

4 Tips to Discover Your Child’s Inner Hero (Condensed)
— Jamie Lee,

4 Tips to Discover Your Child’s Inner Hero (Full-Length)
— Jamie Lee,

Everyday Heroes: T. A. Barron’s Trail Leads Youth to Find Their Own Strong Examples
– Sharon Korbeck, Children and Libraries

Heroes, Not Celebrities
– T. A. Barron, Family Circle Magazine

Teaching the Difference Between Heroes and Celebrities
Chicago Parent

The Importance of Heroes
Penguin Youth Voices Interview

The Power of Young People to Change the World
– T. A. Barron, Dream of a Nation Anthology

On Inspiring Young People

Words to Live By
Family Circle

Other Articles for Educators

Loving as Well as Learning
– T. A. Barron, Opening Remarks at Princeton Environmental Institute Conference on Humanities and the Environment

Meet: T. A. Barron
Colorado Parent

Voyage of Discovery: An Interview with T. A. Barron
– Kylene Beers, Emergency Librarian

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