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Supporter Profile: Redwoods Inspire Best-Selling Author
Original Article | PDF
REDWOODS Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2017

Merlin and Me…Thirteen Books Later
Original Article | PDF
The Horn Book, May 2015

Kate’s Enduring Gift: Thoughts on the Importance of Strong Female Characters
Original Article | PDF
Hypable, March 2016

Taking Time for Wisdom: The Books of T. A. Barron
— Patricia Lee Gauch, ALA Book Links

The Power of Young People to Change the World
— T.A. Barron, Dream of a Nation Anthology

Why Fantasy Must Be True
— T. A. Barron, The Horn Book

From the Giving Tree to the Whomping Willow: The 9 Best Trees in Literature
The Huffington Post

Loving as Well as Learning
— T.A. Barron, Princeton Environmental Institute Opening Comments

Heroes, Not Celebrities
— T.A. Barron, Family Circle Magazine

Our Children Our Planet
— T.A. Barron,

Creativity, Kids, and One-Eyed Ogres: How to Raise Creative Children
— T.A. Barron, ParentGuide Magazine

The Crazy Story of How I Met Madeleine L’Engle
— T. A. Barron, The Horn Book

Lost Years of Merlin Movie Option Renewed

The Gift of Time: At Risk?
— T.A. Barron, American Oxonian

Dragons I Have Known
— T. A. Barron

Meet: T. A. Barron
— T.A. Barron, Colorado Parent Magazine

Nature’s Voice: T.A. Barron’s blogs for the Earth
— T.A. Barron, NRDC Action Fund

Merlin Magic
— Collette Caprara, The Free Lance-Star

Magical Books Sprout from Writer’s Love of the Outdoors
— John A. Simone, Jr., The Morning Call

The Remarkable Metaphor of Merlin
— T.A. Barron, Book Links

Truth and Fantasy
— T.A. Barron, School Library Journal

The Importance of Heroes
— T.A. Barron, Penguin Youth Voices

Imagination Soup Blog
— T.A. Barron, guest post for Melissa Taylor

The Writer’s Magic Wand
— T.A. Barron, CBC Online

Merlin’s Message
— T.A. Barron, Parents Magazine

Reality Carved from Fantasy: The life of T.A. Barron
— Douglas Brown, The Denver Post

Everyday Heroes: T.A. Barron’s Trail Leads Youth to Find Their Own Strong Examples
— Sharon Korbeck, Children and Libraries

Author Hopes to Inspire a Hero in Every Child
Hawken School News

T.A. Barron: ‘Follow your dreams’
— Jennifer Beckstrand, Davis County Clipper

The War on Wilderness
— T.A. Barron, Boston Globe

The Roadless Realms of My Heart
— T.A. Barron, Los Angeles Times

Vision, Voice and the Power of Creation
— T.A. Barron, Voice of Youth Advocates

Words to Live By: Quotations from The Hero’s Trail
— T.A. Barron, Family Circle Magazine

Wonder: A Definition
— T.A. Barron, Yale Literary Magazine

Colorado Author Is Living His Dream
— Claire Martin, The Denver Post

Wondrously Blank
— T.A. Barron, NRDC Action Fund

As High as the Sky
— T.A. Barron, The Nature Conservancy

Merlin In Our Midst
— Antoinette Botsford, NAPRA Review

A Place for Love: The story behind Where is Grandpa?
— T.A. Barron, Book Links

Nature Inspires Writing for T. A. Barron
— Aluvian, Age 13, North Carolina

Popular Merlin Author Inspires Students of All Ages
— Sidney, Grade 9, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


German Articles

Ein Fantasy Autor mit Überzeugungen
— Sieglinde Geisel

Die Magie Der Natur

2012 German Book Tour Reading

Seinen Leidenschaften folgen: Bestsellerauter T. A. Barron
Berliner Morganpost

Die Bücherfresser
– 2012

Interview mit T. A. Barron
FantasyGuide, 2010

Der phantastiche Bücherbrief
– 2010

Interview mit dem Autor
– Erik Schreiber (2009)

T. A. Barron’s 2005 visit to Germany


Japanese Articles

Interview with T.A. Barron
Life Work Magazine

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