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TAB-with-DragonFor me, writing is exploring. Whether it’s the surprising connections among people, the wondrous patterns of nature, or the mysterious wellsprings of the spirit, the universe beckons. And I love to explore it, whether by foot or by pen.

Writing is both the most joyous—and most agonizing—labor I know. And it is by far the best way to travel—in our world or any other. Ever since my youth on a ranch in Colorado, I’ve felt passionate about nature…and about writing. (I even published my own magazine when I was a kid, called The Idiot’s Odyssey, which sold about five copies an issue—including the ones bought by my parents.) I kept writing during my college years at Princeton, and during my time as a Rhodes Scholar. (While at Oxford, I confess, I studied mostly the hiking trails of Scotland.) During those years abroad, I composed stories and poems while hiking in the Scottish highlands; while sitting beneath the boughs of an English oak I called Merlin’s Tree; while backpacking through Asia, Africa, and the Arctic; and while participating in a traditional roof thatching in Japan. Even during my years helping to manage a fast-growing business in New York City, my writing continued. In all those years, I often rose before dawn just to write.

Finally, I followed my dream to write full time. In 1990, I moved back to Colorado and started writing in the attic of my home, with the help of my wife and our five young children. So I still often get up before dawn to write—but now I can keep going after breakfast.

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